KL Police Implement 'Respect The Law' Operation to Enforce Traffic Regulations

The Kuala Lumpur Police will extend their "Respect The Law" (Hormat Undang-Undang) or (Op HUU) operation from this June 4 until June 15. This initiative focuses on addressing traffic violations such as obstruction, improper use of white lines, non-compliant registration numbers, motorcycle infractions, illegal parking, running red lights, and the use of mobile phones while driving. The goal is to enhance road safety and uphold Kuala Lumpur's reputation as a well-regulated capital city.

Enforcing Traffic Regulations

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Op HUU is a concerted effort involving over 200 personnel from various departments and districts within the Kuala Lumpur police contingent. Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Rusdi Mohd Isa highlighted the significance of adhering to traffic regulations and driving courteously to ensure the safety of all road users and preserve the city's image.

Building on Previous Efforts

This phase of Op HUU follows successful operations conducted in July and September 2023. The Kuala Lumpur Police remain dedicated to improving road safety and ensuring the city is a pleasant place for everyone. Collaboration between the police and the community is key to achieving a safer and more harmonious environment.

Encouraging Public Reporting

The public is encouraged to report traffic offenses or incidents to the authorities by contacting the Kuala Lumpur Traffic Hotline or the Kuala Lumpur Police Hotline. The police are focused on addressing concerns and taking necessary actions to protect the well-being of all road users.

Commitment to Road Safety

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The "Respect The Law" operation is a vital initiative aimed at promoting road safety and maintaining Kuala Lumpur as a safe and orderly city. The Kuala Lumpur Police are devoted to making the city a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, with this operation playing a crucial role in their efforts.

What To Prepare for Road Users?

To ensure compliance during the operation, road users should:

  1. Review Traffic Rules: Familiarize yourself with the local traffic laws and regulations to avoid violations.
  2. Check Vehicle Condition: Ensure your vehicle is in good working order, including functioning lights, brakes, and properly displayed registration numbers.
  3. Plan Your Route: Anticipate potential delays due to the operation and plan your routes accordingly.
  4. Avoid Distractions: Refrain from using mobile phones while driving to maintain full attention on the road.
  5. Parking Compliance: Park only in designated areas to avoid fines for illegal parking.
  6. Observe Traffic Signals: Follow traffic lights and signals strictly to avoid running red lights.

Public Advisory and Contact Information

For any inquiries, the public can reach out to the Kuala Lumpur Traffic Hotline at 03-20719999/9777 or the Kuala Lumpur Police Hotline at 03-21159999. The police are committed to creating a secure and orderly environment for both residents and visitors.

on 11/06/2024

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