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DRIVE Apps help you manage your fleet by providing a range of features and tools designed for efficient fleet management:

Maintenance Reminders: DRIVE Apps can send you maintenance and servicing... read more

To register for a DRIVE application account, you should follow the specific registration process provided by the DRIVE application. Here are the steps.

1. Visit the Website or App: Go to the... read more

"WaCash account is an E-Wallet designed specifically for DRIVE users. This E-Wallet serves as a convenient means for users to conduct transactions within the DRIVE app ecosystem. For instance,... read more

Peer-to-peer insurance, or P2P, is a model designed for individuals, particularly car owners, who rent out their personally comprehensively insured cars to customers. In this scenario, Wahdah... read more

As a DRIVE Host, you have the flexibility to add various types of fleets to your account, enabling you to utilize the fleet management features. However, for fleet sharing to receive bookings from... read more

To accept bookings from Wahdah, Drive Hosts can use the DRIVE mobile application or a web browser by logging into

Drive Hosts will receive notifications through the mobile app... read more