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How do DRIVE Apps help me manage my fleet?

DRIVE Apps help you manage your fleet by providing a range of features and tools designed for efficient fleet management:

Maintenance Reminders: DRIVE Apps can send you maintenance and servicing reminders based on vehicle mileage or usage. This ensures that your vehicles are well-maintained, reducing the risk of breakdowns.

Document Management: You can store and access important documents like insurance papers, registration details, and maintenance records within the app. This simplifies paperwork and ensures you have essential information readily available.

Renewal Alerts: The apps provide notifications for important dates such as insurance and roadtax renewals, helping you stay compliant with legal requirements.

Assistance Services: In case of emergencies or breakdowns, you can use the app to request auto assistance, providing peace of mind for you and your drivers.

Income Generation: DRIVE Apps often offer opportunities to generate income, such as renting out your fleet or participating in income-generating programs like DriveHero.

In summary, DRIVE Apps streamline fleet management by offering maintenance, document management, reminders, and income-generating features, making it easier to oversee and optimize your fleet's performance.

on 27/09/2023

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