Guide to Purchase Used Cars in Malaysia

Buying a used car in Malaysia can seem complicated, especially if you're new to it. There are several things to think about, like figuring out how much your car is worth as it gets older and choosing the right car loan and insurance that match your needs. This detailed guide will help you step by step, giving you useful advice and explaining each part clearly.

1. How to Buy a Used Car

   Buying a car is a significant decision, and when considering a used one, there are extra steps due to its previous ownership. It's crucial to assess its quality. Before anything else, take time to understand your wants and needs. Conduct thorough research before making a reservation. Also, think about your budget and how the car fits your lifestyle.

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2. Test Drive and Check Car Quality

   Test drive can be exciting, but it's a critical step when buying a used car. It helps you evaluate its performance and spot potential issues. If you're not an auto expert, identifying a quality used car during a test drive can be tough. 

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3. Selecting a Car Loan

   Whether you're buying a new or used car, the most common way to finance it is through a car loan, also known as a hire purchase loan. These loans come in various forms, with different interest rates and monthly payments depending on your choice and the lending institution. You'll also need to understand terms like margin of finance, loan duration, down payment, and more before making a financial commitment.

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4. Car Insurance

   Owning a car in Malaysia requires mandatory car insurance. This coverage protects your vehicle or third-party vehicles in case of an accident. Malaysia offers various types of car insurance plans, each with different coverage options and pricing structures. You should also grasp concepts like insurance premiums, No Claim Discounts (NCD), and differences in coverage terms to choose the right insurance for your car.

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5. Changing or Choosing a License Plate Number

   Buying a used car doesn't mean you're stuck with the current license plate number. There are three methods to change your license plate number to a personalized one. You can start this process by visiting a Road Transport Department (JPJ) office or by completing it online through platforms like MYSIKAP or JPJeBID.



Navigating the complexities of buying a used car in Malaysia can be daunting, especially for newcomers to the process. It entails careful consideration of various factors, from assessing a vehicle's value based on depreciation rates to making informed decisions about car loans and insurance that align with your specific needs. This comprehensive guide has provided you with a structured roadmap, invaluable insights, and user-friendly advice to demystify the entire journey. 

Mohamad Sobirin
on 21/09/2023

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