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DRIVE Bounty

The DRIVE bounty is a public offer to car owners with idle vehicles. We provide an opportunity for you to share your cars on DRIVE and receive offers via WAHDAH for bookings that have been made but remain unassigned to any host.

Simply click on the bounty offer, fill in your details, and then submit your offer. We will thoroughly review the list of offers, and you will receive an approval email notification once the vetting process is complete. If you don't have an account yet, please register or sign up.

We posted bounty details of the types of cars and dates according to the location required. However, your car must meet the requirements, such as being fully maintained and having an age below 6 years to be offered to us.

As soon as your offer is accepted and chosen, you will become a DRIVE Host. You will be our priority when there is demand for a similar type of car in nearby locations to yours. Our team will brief you on how to pick up and return the car to customers, or you may be assigned to a DRIVE Hero to assist.

You can rest assured, we handle all the work for you. The DRIVE bounty is fully supported by WAHDAH, it covers your vehicle, and we conduct both profile screening and provide a package of roadside assistance nationwide.

Payment will be credited to your DRIVE Host account once a week (every Tuesday) after the booking is completed and the car has been returned.

on 13/12/2023

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